Monthly Archives: June 2014
Should you buy a cheap or expensive camera lens?

Just posted at, a column on the differences between a $350 and a $1500 SLR camera lens.

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A good photographer takes the time to understand their equipment so they can get the best image, irrespective of how expensive their kit is. If you spend $350 on a lens and really learn how to use it, you’ll be closer to the ideal of photographers like Cartier-Bresson, who used good equipment to take great photos. 

Buying a Tablet: 20 Terms You Need to Know

My first article for Computer Shopper is a guide to the terms that you see on tablet computers, and what they all mean.

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We’ve picked 20 terms that you’ll come across when buying a slate and explained them to turn you into a savvy tablet shopper. Here’s our 101-level primer for picking the right tablet for you.