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Appliance Science: The Tasty Physics of Microwave Ovens

The next appliance to come under the Appliance Science microscope is the microwave oven, which has a history connected to radar, melted chocolate and exploding eggs.

Appliance_Science_3_Magnetron-smlEver since humans first dropped a chunk of mammoth meat onto a fire and liked the result, we have been looking for new ways to cook things. One of the more recent developments in this race to taste is the microwave oven, which uses microwave radiation to heat and cook your food.

Because it uses less energy and is much quicker than a gas or electric ovens, the microwave has found a spot in most homes. In fact, it is thought that that by the beginning of the 21st century, over 90 percent of homes in the US had a microwave oven. That’s pretty good progress for a device that was invented by accident 55 years ago.