Monthly Archives: April 2015
In Search of the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How do you make the perfect scrambled eggs? For my CNet column Appliance Science, the results of my¬†experiments with sous vide scrambles….

160FThe joy of sous vide is that you can produce this sort of differentiation. While a chef might train for years to learn how to cook like this without a precise temperature controller at his or her side, a sous vide setup puts it just a few button presses away . And it does it with the consistency that no chef can match: it doesn’t have bad days or get distracted.

3D Printer Review: Lulzbot Mini

Just published on Toms Guide, my review of the rather nice Lulzbot Mini 3D printer.

rocktopusThere is a lot to like about the LulzBot Mini. It has an attractive design and provides high-quality prints at good speed. It is flexible, handling a wide range of materials that are unknown factors with other 3D printers, and the software is mature and easy to use. The Mini costs significantly more than competitors like the Cube 3 and da Vinci AiO. However, the LulzBot Mini printer is better than both rivals’ offerings. Its extra cost is justified by its greater flexibility of printing materials and the higher quality of its prints.


Appliance Science: The High-Pressure Physics of Espresso

My latest Appliance Science column at CNet looks at the physics of espresso coffee.

EspressoAS_PARTSeditBlueThat’s because the process of making espresso is complicated and finicky: get something wrong and you’ve ruined the delicate balance.

Espresso is, to coin a phrase, what happens when engineers make coffee.