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Hacking Hacks on Hackaday

Another new client for me is Hack A Day, a web site dedicated to making technology do things it wasn’t designed to. I’ll be contributing regular posts about, well, hacking things. Here are a few of the first ones I have written…


I’ll be contributing many more on a regular basis.

CNET Appliance Science Posts on Spherification

I am quite proud of these two columns on the odd phenomenon of Spherification, where you can make edible spheres of liquids using simple chemicals. The first is about the science of Spherification, while the second is a how-to on making your own spheres.

title1I just drank a cup of water. Nothing unusual there, but this was without a cup or other container. Instead, the water was held in a clear, edible membrane that I popped into my mouth and bit down on. It tasted, well, just like water, because this clear sphere was made just from water and two tasteless chemicals.

I made this strange sphere myself, using a process called spherification. Using the reaction of these two chemicals, I created a tough membrane on the outside of the water that held it in place. In effect, the water became its own water bottle.