Monthly Archives: April 2021
Laptop Reviews for T3

I have recently started reviewing laptops for the US branch of T3: so far I have reviewed the Gateway FHD 14.1 Ultra Slim, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, and the Lenovo X1 Fold. In a historical note, T3 magazine was started while I was at Future in the UK: I think I had a short piece in issue 1.


The future, William Gibson once observed, is already here: it just isn’t very evenly distributed. That’s definitely true when it comes to the new technology of folding screens. We’ve seen folding phones from Samsung and Xiaomi, plus prototypes of other devices from companies like LG that use flexible screens in a variety of devices, but Lenovo is the first to put one in a commercially available laptop.

Review of Flight Sim Controllers for Wired

Hot off the press today is my review of hands-on throttle and stick (HOTAS) controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Mind you, FS2020 is not really a game but rather a realistic flight simulator, which means that staying aloft on those rippling breezes is not easy. One thing that can make the experience more enjoyable is flying your virtual airplane with a set of controls that mirrors the setup a real pilot might use in a real airplane. There are many options for realistic flight controllers, and I looked at several that work well with FS2020, including a simple joystick, a few hands-on throttle and sticks (HOTAS) controllers like those in military jets, and a flight yoke that approximates what you would find on a small aircraft like a Cessna.