As a freelance writer, ethics are important to me. My personal and professional ethics are as follows:

  • I receive review products from companies. These are returned to the company that supplied them after the review is concluded, or donated to charity.
  • I do not accept freebies, trips, or other gifts from manufacturers, dealers or other companies.
  • Neither I or my immediate family own shares in any of the companies I write about, or have control of any shares or other financial investment in these companies.
  • My opinions in reviews are based solely on my personal evaluation of products, and not on second-hand information, rumor or speculation.
  • If an article I produce is labelled as a review, it is based on a hands-in, personal evaluation of the final, production-level product.
  • I occasionally write articles that are based on a limited evaluation (such as a hands-on at a show) or on a pre-production unit of a product. In these cases, this fact will be clearly indicated in the review, and my conclusions may change in a full review.