Hi/Low: Fountain Pens

Stepping away from tech for a bit, I tested out two fountain pens: a cheap $25 Lamy and a $125 Delta.

InkyCynics will dismiss using a fountain pen these days as a needless hipsterism, a tacky bit of retro nostalgia that serves no real purpose. I disagree. A good fountain pen is a piece of precision engineering and design, and will serve you well for many years. Using a fountain pen is about making a deliberate choice to buy something that you can use repeatedly, rather than something you use once and loose. If you want to write casually, get a Bic disposable and throw it away when you’re done. But if you want to have something that looks cool and is a pleasure to use, get a fountain pen.


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One thought on “Hi/Low: Fountain Pens

  1. haha. if it’s a vintage foniatun pen, i’d recommend any of the waterman pens because their workmanship and quality of the nib is high. The most ideal one (but rare) is a waterman52. If you like really really thin lines, wait for an extra fine nib to appear on his site. if you like normal thin lines, then look for a “fine”. Also look to see how wide it goes. He usually does a sample stroke. If you are still not satisfied with what you see on his blog, you could book it, then ask him further questions to satisfy any doubts. then buy. I could go on about pens. but i should stop!doublexuan, your drawings are simple and charming.

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