Hi/Low: Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are beloved of serious typists everywhere (including me) for their click-clacky goodness. So what’s the difference between a cheap one and an expensive one? I found out for my latest Wired column

keyboards1Sometimes a family runabout is all you need, though, and the Rosewill is far superior to laptop keyboards or the cheap rubber dome keyboards that come with desktop computers. So, it’s not a bad investment for those who write a lot or play games…. If, like me, you spend every day clacking through thousands of words, I’d recommend spending the extra money on the Das Keyboard Ultimate S. The cost is much higher, but it pays off in typing speed, comfort, and the satisfaction you get from using a tool with superior build quality.


Richard Baguley has been writing about technology for over 20 years. He has written for publications such as Wired, Macworld, USA Today, Reviewed.com. Amiga Format and many others.

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